Step 1 - the Bottleneck to Learning

Within the classroom, the Diversity Bottleneck can be considered in terms of the learning ability of students who attend the lessons and can understand, making questions and improving knowledge as opposed to students who do not (or cannot) attend in this way.

The consequences are in terms of changing the way of studying and constructing a scientific open mind vision of education. Those who can and do attend have the opportunity to enter in a scientific discussion and form their critical thinking, because the classroom, atmosphere/climate/style in a university context, is different from the one the students already know from the experience matured in secondary school.

Attendance was considered as part of the broader innovation potential of the course, as those who do not attend cannot even figure out that a new 'vision' of education is being proposed.

The Decoding activity was applied in the first year of an annual, five-year course, Pre-primary and Primary School Teacher in University Education and Training.  Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy. The number of students was 300 and the course was worth 1 ECTS Credit.



Decoding the Disciplines Laboratory of General Pedagogy

1. Bottleneck to learning

A description of the Multiplier Event and Decoding the Disciplines Workshop held within the Laboratory of General Pedagogy.

Resource submitted by Prof. Dr. Sandra Chistolini, Universita degli Studi Tre, Rome, Italy