Step 2 - Uncover Mental Operations

The bottleneck was introduced to the students (diversity between the two major groups of students who attend the lessons and who do not attend the lessons). A Multiplier Event and Workshop with the students then followed; this was held on 18th March, 2018.

Questions for the workshop were organised as focus group of five:


Within each group there was a conversation aimed at highlighting the obstacles and difficulties that the students encountered in the classroom/classroom learning. Three students had the task of describing the difficulties in learning; the professor or school manager had the task of animating the conversation with the students; the expert, did  not intervene, observed  what happened  in the group and was taking notes in a word document useful to be delivered. At the end of the work session, in the conclusions (at 12:15) the expert briefly reported (3 minutes) what was detected and referred detailed comments to the scientific coordinator.

Question for the student: when do you realize that you are not learning something? The student can answer with a sentence, with a written text, with a graphic, with a drawing, with a vignette, with an image and more.

Question for the teacher: how can you help the students to define the obstacles in the learning of the disciplines?

Question for the head teacher: why do students and teachers find difficulties in learning and teaching?

Question for experts: what do you notice during the conversation in the group with reference to the request to define the obstacles in learning?

Decoding the Disciplines Laboratory of General Pedagogy

1. Bottleneck to learning

A description of the Multiplier Event and Decoding the Disciplines Workshop held within the Laboratory of General Pedagogy.

Resource submitted by Prof. Dr. Sandra Chistolini, Universita degli Studi Tre, Rome, Italy