Step 4 - Give practice and feedback

Students’ application of Decoding the Disciplines methodology in Primary School

Workshop of University students who attend and who do not attend the lessons

In the focus group the 5 student had the tasks to

  • Introduction of the bottleneck (university student)
  • Definition of the bottleneck (Child)
  • How to solve the bottleneck (Teacher)
  • How the Head teacher can help (Head teacher)
  • The expert gives the evaluation (Expert)

An example of this structure is shown in the slides below.

List of participants in one of the groups











A description of methods for applying the bottleneck











Example of a child who is being left behind in mathematics training










Examples of how the teacher would respond to such an example















Decoding the Disciplines Laboratory of General Pedagogy

1. Bottleneck to learning

A description of the Multiplier Event and Decoding the Disciplines Workshop held within the Laboratory of General Pedagogy.

Resource submitted by Prof. Dr. Sandra Chistolini, Universita degli Studi Tre, Rome, Italy