Step 7 – Share

The final question for all the participants was: do you think that the Decoding the Disciplines methodology could be useful in the scholastic/university context to prevent the abandonment of the studies and to help the teachers and the students in the knowledge of the discipline?

Materials were shared within the class, and with the instructors; and experts.

To this final question on the usefulness of the Methodology Decoding the Disciplines, all the members of the group gave an affirmative answer. All of us at the end of the discussion, we reflected on the importance of the comparison that this meeting offered us.

The students were very happy to have been able to speak freely and critically with the teachers in relation to their difficulties; the teachers have had the opportunity to confront each other in an equal way, not ex cathedra, with the recipients of their work, in an exchange not virtual but real and true.

Students and teachers are convinced that the first step to preventing abandonment and failure goes through confrontation and discussion” (Focus Group 11)

Decoding the Disciplines Laboratory of General Pedagogy

1. Bottleneck to learning

A description of the Multiplier Event and Decoding the Disciplines Workshop held within the Laboratory of General Pedagogy.

Resource submitted by Prof. Dr. Sandra Chistolini, Universita degli Studi Tre, Rome, Italy