1. Bottleneck to learning

The instructor would like her students to recognize and rethink the material about project risks and their models, instruments and methods. This requires a lot of reading, analytical thinking. Students have a particular problem in the basic approach to textual interpretation. Students want to go directly to interpreting a text without first getting a good grasp of a text’s content; they can’t to find essence differences. However, it is an essential aspect of the course, as the ability to recognize the main criteria’s and analytical thinking on it. The students need to get deeper into texts before they interpret. But they are constantly skipping a thoughtful stage.

Students are unable distinguish material. They may struggle to generate new knowledge or opinion when they have read materials and they are not capable to find essential differences between models, instruments and methods. This problem usually appears because of the lack of analytical thinking. Students read materials, but they struggle to recognize methods or instruments or models, they can’t to discuss about what they have read, and they can’t to find essence differences.