1. Bottleneck to learning

Students of the BA course “Research into Learning Needs” mainly struggle to formulate thesis statement of their final research paper. This leads to a two-way challenges mainly: firstly, students struggle to present their research topic in a concise, concrete and argumentative way, and, secondly, when students don’t have strong and clear thesis statement, they struggle to keep their research paper (including research parameters, theoretical analysis, empirical research) continuous and controlled.

Students read a lot of scientific literature, they analyze it, choose ideas conforming or confronting their research problem, but when it comes to expression of these ideas in a solid, short, smooth and clear way, they get lost and don’t know how to make it. It is important to note, that students are not required to formulate thesis statement of final bachelor papers and include it next to other parameters. This might be the reason why students face the challenge to formulate it as they don’t see it as an important part of the whole work (considering the overall time spent for writing course papers and final bachelor paper).

This bottleneck is essential for this course as students’ ability to formulate thesis statement, would help them to have constructive and argumentative analysis of their research work, search for best empirical research methods and analyse data. For the instructor, as a methodology teacher, it is important to enable students to present their research work through a concise, clear and strong thesis. Before starting this course, students have deep theoretical knowledge in their research topic. But when they are asked to present or write down main statement of their research work in 1 or 2 sentences, many challenges appear. Students tend to rephrase their work title or work aim, rather than formulate argumentative thesis statement, that would help to see structure of their work, main research aspects, or students’ opinion/position. Regarding the fact, that this course is delivered to the final year students, it is crucial to enable students to formulate thesis statement presenting their research paper, and discuss it within the perspective of other authors’ ideas.